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Stunning LOFTS with Inspiring Views

For reservations please contact my Managers -Sonia and Jolien, at Sleep&

Languages Spoken:

English, Spanish, Catalán, French, Dutch


Cell       + 34 615 66 45 10



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Why I Chose the Valley of Sant Daniel:

This is the most sought after location in Girona. It is a  5 min. walk (truly) to the Old Town. But also in the other direction, a 5 min. walk to the most beautiful countryside and mountain paths and forests. The Sant Daniel experience is living in the peaceful countryside while being minutes from downtown shopping and restaurants in Girona! It is always a challenge to sleep in the Old Town due to the noisy nightlife and the proximity to the church bells. I lived in the Old Town for 10 years and loved it too, but it really is so much quieter and peaceful here in Sant Daniel. And the views are splendid all year long.

More about the Owner:

This Property was Purchased in 2008. In 2009, I began remodeling the building with a Polish worker and sometimes his 2 sons. He spoke very little Spanish, but was a very experienced builder. Familiar with all aspects of construction, he quickly understood my approach to the project, which was recycling materials as much as possible, giving the utmost attention to construction and design decisions and always looking for creative, efficient,  solutions. 

I am an artist and contractor/decorator, originally from California (Huntington Beach, La Jolla, St. Helena). I moved to Girona in 1998. I also lived 3 yrs. in NYC, where I photographed home interiors for Maison Jardin and Vogue Internationale and 14 years in Rome, Italy where I worked as a photojournalist for Stern Magazine in Germany and as a fine art photographer. I have always been a photographer but I am also a painter, printmaker and ceramic artist. I love to travel, hike, practice Tai Chi and Qi Qong, read, cook, and ride my bike, which is also a daily form of transportation. I´m a people person and enjoy the opportunity vacation rentals bring to make new acquaintances and often friends. My daughter Valentina Holt is an Industrial/Graphic/Web designer, currently working in Barcelona.

The Unique Benefits of this Location:


It is great to be able to walk just minutes to some of Girona´s best restaurants, bakeries, ice cream and organic yogurt shops and cafés. You can enjoy a typical Catalan breakfast of fresh orange juice, café con leche, toasted farm bread with olive oil, tortilla, jamón or manchego and/or pastry in one of my favorite bars outdoors in a pedestrian plaza just 4 min. from home. Girona is a thriving and cutting edge cultural center boasting dozens of festivals throughout the year: Flower Festival, Jazz, Culinary, Wine, Ratifia, Artisan Beer, Poetry, Short Film, Theater, Video, several Bike races, plus all the eclectic historical festivals including Human Castles, Running with Fire, and many, many more. Girona is also proud of the many quality museums as well as the 3 Bolit contemporary art exhibition spaces and activities.


The loft is wonderful in it´s own right, but combined with the amazing location and breathtaking views, the whole experience is truly unforgettable. I have a very high percentage of return guests -- be sure to read their reviews of my property!


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